Datacall Remote Irrigation Management System (RIMS)

The Datacall Remote Irrigation Management System (RIMS) is a web-based SCADA system that allows customers to remotely control and monitor their irrigation systems using any internet connected device such as mobiles, laptops or tablets without the need to download apps or other software.
The Datacall RIMS platform is a scalable solution allowing customers to manage multiple properties or assets from an easy to use interface and leverages from the power of the Datacall NG4 RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) and Fleck RTUs to provide an adaptable irrigation control and monitoring system suitable for many different configurations.
The Datacall RIMS platform has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface allowing customers to monitor and control multiple sites remotely.

Monitoring capabilities include:

  • Valve status
  • Pump status (running & faults)
  • Soil moisture, salinity & temperature trends
  • Level trends
  • Flow & totaliser trends
  • Pressure trends
  • Weather trends (temperature & wind speed)
  • NG4 RTU and Fleck health status information (battery voltage, temperature, signal strength)
  • Alarm display and acknowledgement

 Control Features:

The Datacall RIMS platform provides clients with the flexibility they expect when irrigating, by allowing them to set watering schedules, valve control, pump flow set points, pressure levels and filtering patterns.  This provides customers with full control of their systems remotely.  Once controls are set, values are sent and stored locally on the NG4 RTU for operation, this allows the schedules to be run in the event of a mobile network dropout.  Control features include:
  • Pump control (flow & pressure)
  • Valve control
  • Filter
Datacall RIMS platform is built on the JAVA Enterprise edition language giving it flexibility in design and integration alongside other customer software and can collect data over several different industry standard communication methods such as DNP3, MODBUS, OPC and M2MXML from remote RTUs through the internet.