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Welcome to Datacalls new client login page. This page allows access to the Datacall hosting services Datacall (legacy), Datacall Remote Irrigation Management System (RIMS) and Real-time Asset Management System (RAMS). Existing subscribers please click the Datacall (Legacy) login button to access your existing service.

Datacall IMS Login

Datacall IMS Login

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Existing Datacall Server web user interface subscribers can access their existing hosted service by pressing the Datacall (Legacy) Login button.

Datacall is pleased to announce the addition of two new Datacall hosted service’s, Datacall Remote Irrigation Management System (RIMS) and Datacall Real-time Asset Management System (RAMS).

DATACALL RIMS is available now for soil moisture monitoring service with full remote pump/valve control including integrated scheduler available early June 2017.  Please see our online product brochure for further detail.

DATACALL RAMS is scheduled to be released July 1 2017 replacing the existing hosted Datacall Server User Interface Web application service.  Datacall will begin migrating existing subscribers across to the new system shortly after the scheduled release date.  The new service will feature an improved user interface, alarm management, trending facilities and data logging tools.  The new service will also provide additional options such as geographical mapbase displaying the location of the customer assets, camera imaging repository and a notes facility allowing users to pin notes against an asset in the field to name just a few.  Please see our online product brochure for further detail to be issued shortly.