Datacall NG4 Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) 

As part of the Datacall Wireless Telemetry Range, The Datacall NG4 RTU offers a cost effective means to monitor and control remote assets using wireless mobile networks and the internet.  This powerful and flexible product is easy to set up and simple to use.

With on board computer processing power and memory to save your data, the Datacall Gateway is always working for you.  It has an internal self check mechanism, so is constantly monitoring its health and integrity and can reset itself if required.

Feautres – Integrated, Flexible & Powerful 

The Datacall NG4 RTU combines data collection, monitoring, control and positioning in a single box solution.  It can be installed at a remote site and has the following features:
  • Communication of alarms and control functions.  The user can interact with the unit by SMS, the web site or via a web based user interface.
  • Data logging and monitoring on any Next G/3G or LTE network.
  • Alert clients to tampering, malfunction and low power.
  • A unique GPS tracking code embedded into the hardware so clients can know exactly where their Datacall device is.
  • Program to perform a specific application, for example raising alarms on levels or controlling a pump on command or scheduling.
  • Easy configuration to communicate with third party control devices and SCADA systems utilising MODBUS and TCP protocols.
  • IT networking features such as routing, DHCP, NAT, port forwarding, VPN, 3rd party VPN (PAP & CHAP), SSH & firewall support.
The power of the NG4 RTU comes into its own when it is utilised with Datacall’s Remote Irrigation System (RIMS).  When coupled with this, the client can have an integrated solution providing a web based user interface with features such as alarm management, trending, reporting and scheduling.

The Datacall NG4 RTU is an award winning, integrated, leading edge technology, that is 3G mobile compatible – providing all you need to monitor and control your assets into the future.