Fleck Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)

Datacall Telemetry Fleck Wireless RTU products provide customers with a cost effective, low powered end to end solution that can be rapidly deployed to provide remote monitoring control capability for numerous applications. 

The Fleck Sensor and Control Network is ideal for areas that require monitoring of the local environment, for instance:
  • Monitoring the soil moisture across a non uniform estate to minimise the wastage of irrigation or fertilisation.
  • To control and be alerted to changes in the soil composition, and act on that knowledge to maximise your yield.
  • Irrigation management and valve control for small, medium and large acreage.
  • Tracking all the variables you need to manage in one easy to use system, designed to be flexible and powerful to grow with your success.

The Fleck Sensor Network is a Wireless Sensor Network developed for the harsh Australian environment.

What do I use it for?

Currently the Fleck Sensor Network has capabilities for:
  • Data collection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Frost detection
  • Automated weather stations
  • Horticulture
  • Green house monitoring
  • Livestock management
  • Structural and strain gauges monitoring
  • Flow, level and pressure monitoring
  • Energy consumption management
  • Valve control
  • Totalising
  • Pivot irrigation
  • Soil moisture
  • Water management
  • Energy consumption management
  • Irrigation control

The fleck range of mesh wireless RTUs are lower power devices suitable for mid to high density radio networks.  Operating on the 900 MHz unlicensed ISM radio band each Fleck has a line of sight range of up to 1km.

How do I set it up?

Flecks are easy to install, simply position them in line of sight within up to 1km of each other, and they will automatically connect, creating a self healing wireless mesh network.  The Flecks will communicate between each other as a standalone or can be interfaced or connected with our gateway RTU and our own host software to provide a complete end to end solution for customers.

Low Cost

Fleck can monitor and control multiple points across a large area without the need for repeating communication nodes or having to rely on outdated point to point communications systems.  The simplistic Fleck architecture results in low setup costs and operating expenses, whilst providing a powerful and efficient platform to monitor and control your assets remotely.  Fleck will bring the knowledge to your fingertips.