Our Mission

To provide value added engineering consultative services, designing and implementing leading edge, highly innovative and reliable products, systems and solutions whilst utilising recognised industry standards and class leading products from leading vendors.
Our client and partner relationships are built upon honesty and integrity, with a proven capability and capacity to deliver to the exact needs of our clients.

Company Values

Innovation with substance – We value innovation at every opportunity, it runs through our whole company from the bottom up, all our staff are in the business of innovation, not just our engineers.  We collaboratively work together to create relevant communications and control solutions for our clients.
Integrity by example – All of our staff conduct their work with integrity and clearly represent our company in a professional and executive manner.
Affable respect – We will always treat our clients with the utmost respect, and with a warm and friendly demeanour.
Excellence through perfection – Datacall was born through a need for automation and telemetry, through refinement we always endeavour to provide our clients with the best quality products and solutions.
From hands on experience and a proven engineering record, through to trusted networks and on demand resources, Datacall has the understanding and capability to ensure that your project is successfully designed, managed and completed to your satisfaction standards.